Transcendent Partnership

Practical Applicability

Transcendent Partnership Garden Work

Using business supply chain, marketing, communication, psychology and more, the reader will apply strategies that transcend their sectors, roles and positions within the collective community for personal, professional and partnership improvement. Embodying empowerment, the reader must move through each state to understand what transcendence really means for them. Equipped with these tools a change occurs and the spirit of their service may shine.


“Mary’s life and work experiences have shaped who she is today, in particular, her work with the Flint, Michigan community and the ongoing water crisis which emerged several years ago. Some of these experiences and her expertise in transformation are elaborated within this book. Beyond her unique creativity in theory application, her breadth and depth of strategy development are available to anyone and any organization who reads and follows this book. It is artfully written so that many audiences, not just academic or nonprofit, may adjust their practices accordingly and benefit.

As one may imagine, in ground breaking work that regularly challenges our cultural and status quo, sifting issues from one another and symptom from root causation is critical. Again, I’m struck at the practical applicability of the information Mary offers based on Eli Goldratt’s work with the “Thinking Processes” making the connection from manufacturing to community relationships and leadership for our greater public wellbeing. This is truly helpful in thinking through how to pinpoint new action steps. Once I have a more informed context and understanding of challenges, however, I must share them with such diverse stakeholder groups. Once more, I can pick up this amazing cross sector collaboration guide for collective impact and quickly thumb to how it would be most beneficial to message such sensitive educational topics to starkly contrasting audiences.”

Dr. Jo Codde, PhD, Colleague, Professor Emeritus, Higher Learning Education, Michigan State University