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Mary ZumBrunnen

The Author Incubator, Dr. Angela Lauria, sits down with Mary and learns about what’s behind the book.

Mary Zumbrunnen

Mary ZumBrunnen is the founder and chief executive officer of One-Community Consulting. For almost two decades she has worked across communities at home and abroad focused on sustainable development to improve quality of life. As a young contractor Mary learned the up’s and down’s of consulting as well as the power of partnership. Working in developing and industrialized countries, it became very clear to her that there is only so much one person may effectually impact. Therefore, since 2005 she has focused on Michigan helping hundreds grow their community vision to fruition through cross-sector collaboration and executive coaching. It is from these experiences that One-Community Consulting is daily spurred to connect industry expertise for collective impact. In October of 2019, Mary won the Lansing Chamber of Commerce and Grand River Connection’s “10 Over the Next Ten” award, honored as one of the top changemakers to watch for business leadership over the next decade for her work through One-Community Consulting.

Mary believes in paying it forward and offers rich training ground for those also wishing to give back to their community through One-Community Consulting’s unique social entrepreneur knowledge leadership system. Learn more about Mary’s background including: commitment to National Service, sustainable development, public health and regional food systems, as well as her awards and publications on LinkedIn. A serious Spartan, she holds a BS in agriculture and natural resource communication, MS in community resource development and an executive MBA – each from Michigan State University. She is also a two time fellow through the US Department of Education Foreign Language and Area Studies program and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. You may follow her passion for agriculture, travel and coffee culture through One-Community Food.


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“Every generation has thought leaders who view problems from an entirely new perspective. These leaders are not bound by the same conventional thought patterns that produced the problems they are trying to solve. These creators, instead, realize that systemic challenges require a new angle, a new lens and a wider view. Mary ZumBrunnen is one of these rare individuals who can see, as well as act.

In Transcendent Partnership, Mary is a voice of reason, bravely paving new roads in collective impact. She is unbounded and unrestrained by conventional thought. Her educational background and experience in community development have allowed her to “connect the dots” between the worlds of business administration and nonprofit leadership. She is a creative spirit who sees how the macro level can impact the micro level and vise verse. The application of her ideas, strategies, and holistic perspective presented within this book lay a new foundation for more sustainable community development through collaboration, i.e. collective impact.”

Dr. Scott Hadley, PhD, DPT, Client, Owner, Hadley Clinic

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