Introducing MISEA: From MI to SE Asia, extraordinary coffees

At the end of February, Mary is traveling through Singapore and Vietnam for a special reason – pleasure you ask? Why of course, but with a mission! Building on a dream 14 years in the making…

Rewind back to 2004 and Mary was teaching English through an earthquake in Taiwan at middle school summer camp, exploring the Sichuan Province in China, interviewed on MTV Hong Kong and eventually coming to the real Shangri-La City in Yunnan Province. This sparked a genuine fire for travel and a passion that kept her going back. Eventually, with family ties in Singapore, she settled on a love of Southeast Asia and began to feel she had found her second home. With a background in food systems and desire to trace things back to their source, Mary decided that she needed to share her love of the exotic with Michigan. It is was many times through coffee across experience – from jet lap to trekking to board room meetings – that a moment of zen was savored.

Therefore we are pleased to announce that finally, after much anticipation, the One-Community Group will be launching sister company to One-Community Consulting: One-Community Food. Within this, visitors will be provided an offering of both Michigan grown food products, SE Asian coffees and other delicacies over the course of 2019 and beyond. First out of the gate? MISEA!  Our SE Asian coffees offer an experience that takes one abroad while ultimately bringing one back to “self” from the first inhale to the last swallow in this present moment.

Exploring all over Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand, Mary has been using her background in international development and food with an eye toward bringing Michigan that which it cannot grow: coffee beans. This winter in traveling to Vietnam, her purpose is three-fold. Spending time with her amazing family is top priority. Sourcing bold and transformative coffee is number two with focus on the Da Lat region in the southern central highlands. However, her journey begins much further north in the Tu Hieu Pagoda to be in the Presence of global spiritual leader and Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh as he prepares to make his transition. In the West, often referred to as the “Father of Mindfulness”, Thay is a Buddhist monk, peace activist and living legend.

Mary says it’s her foundation in mindfulness and daily meditation that allow for the clarity to pursue many endeavors at once – even teaching through an earthquake. Periodically on her trip she’ll be sharing updates on Facebook and Twitter. The current launch date for is targeted for the end of March. It is our true wish that as she gained many moments of clarity in the heat, aromas and wake-up call of the East, so too you will you enjoy your palate’s exploration of these eye opening brews.