Is your organization in need of cost and benefit analysis, behavioral economics and incentives or statistical analysis? Get to know David Simon.


Get to know David Simon, economist and teacher, relocating from the Washington, DC area to the Capital region! David specializes in creating models to answer questions and solve problems through their application to real-world scenarios. Then, he makes these outcomes accessible to non-specialized populations and helps apply results to Federal government regulatory processes.

David SimonOver the last 15 years, most of his focus has been working for larger contractors and government such as Raytheon, the Federal Departments of Transportation and Interior as well as the Census Bureau, conducting project analysis, strategic and capital planning as well as general efficiency improvements. Complimenting his experience in leading and managing projects, David also has experience managing people. He shares his experience with student populations teaching courses in economics and statistics at Indiana University and Franklin College. He has also taught ESL courses and offered math and computer skill tutoring. David’s own educational background includes game theory, industrial organization and econometrics.

As he gets to know the City of Lansing and beyond, Dave is currently immersing himself in networking opportunities, volunteering and community music. As you or your organization require cost/benefit analysis, statistical and econometric answers, contact him at (812) 322-0062 or email For more information on the Michigan State University Workforce Innovation Network, please contact Mary ZumBrunnen at