Leading Delivery of Goods + Resources through Collective Impact Partnership: A Transcendent Partnership Webinar Overview

In crisis times we are all empowered to be community developers with stronger focus on “doing the right thing” because taking care of one another counts more than ever. On March 23rd, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, issued a “stay at home order” in attempts to help contain COVID-19 for the following three weeks. By the weekend this was extended and Detroit’s COVID-19 spread is the largest in the nation as the US leads in the rise of number of cases for this global pandemic. Following, a disaster declaration was approved by President Trump and citizens prepare for the worst anticipating April bringing a peak to the curve. We must stay in and social distance by six to seven feet, only going out for essential items like groceries. So, how do we take care of one another when we are forced to stay away from each other?

Friends are sewing hospitals masks from their couches, we’re all buying takeout, making donations and checking in on friends and family via video chat. Now is a great time to also get caught up on many projects, as well as education. We’re watching government, business, nonprofit, philanthropic and academic partnerships spring up to handle needs such as ventilator manufacturing, stadiums converted to makeshift hospitals and water shut off’s coming back on. Have you ever wondered how such collective impact partnerships function? Have you considered how your organization fits into this collective map? This is another means to empowerment and method to providing leadership no matter your position.

Essentially, supply chain dynamics are in place across sectors as a common goal is worked toward between the public and private sectors – and beyond. In Transcendent Partnership, with the Flint water crisis brewing in the background, several of these partner supply chains are laid out for problem identification and solving. To smooth the flow of delivery and partner relations in peace and crisis times Transcendent Partnership offers communication, business strategy, psychology, and much more to everyone – from volunteer citizen stakeholders to government officials and executives. It also provides personal and professional leadership development.

Below, a new Transcendent Partnership webinar overview is provided to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and the Community Economic Development Association of Michigan. While watching, you can take a look and consider where you fit into the overall collective impact weave. Chapter classes as well as organizational behavior, partnership mapping and collective impact project development services are also available here. It is time for empowered leadership and our chance to be that which we seek. It is a powerful example of servant leadership when we have the courage to see the mirror in our partner organizations and work through their systems for joint social impact outcomes.

*This video was recorded several months prior to knowledge of COVID-19. The audience is composed of Michigan community economic developers looking to improve delivery of goods and resources to urban and rural cities. While the tone is light, the practice and examples provided are transferably relevant. This has been edited from 1:10 hr to under 45 min for technical quality.