Looking for nonprofit administrative or programmatic leadership? Look no further, meet Shari Brooks!


Is your organization looking for a nonprofit game changer? An advocate for opportunity? Inspired leader? Look no further!

Meet Shari Brooks CPhT, MA…

New to the area, Shari’s husband was recently appointed faculty at MSU. Over the last few years, One-Community Consulting (O-CC) has provided executive coaching, networking and job placement services to newly tenured MSU faculty’s family as a wrap-around service through the Office of the Provost. Through this program, Shari is able to share the wealth of her skills to a broader audience.  She brings measurable experience and success assisting organizations, programming and individuals (college-aged students from adverse backgrounds) with achieving their goals. Serving in successful collaboration with education, healthcare, public and private sector management professionals, Shari is inspired by the MSU Bolder by Design Initiative that calls for a greater commitment to performance with a purpose. A polished professional with an exuberant personality, she will be an asset to the mid-Michigan workforce.

If you would like to meet with Shari, have an opening of interest or networking opportunity, please contact her at shari.thomasbrooks@yahoo.com or call O-CC at (810) 553-7389.


Highlights of Shari’s experience include:

  • 16 years of expansive administrative experience in urban and rural academic environments that include corresponding with and advising students, community partners, team members, and volunteers; curriculum development and course planning; providing academic orientation and navigation, career exploration, and wrap-around services; community asset mapping and cultivating sustained partnerships; coordinating events and programs; and intentionally developing relationships with diverse consumers. This includes customer service / public relations experience comprised of managing the dissemination of information in direct correlation to the needs and preference of potential volunteers, community members, and youth for the purpose of secondary and postsecondary outcomes such as recruitment, retention, graduation, and job placement
  • 12 years of accounting and fiduciary responsibilities which are inclusive of appropriating funds, determining eligibility of potential candidates, reconciling budgets for fiscal reporting, providing oversight for grant distribution and management, as well as serving as a contributor and collaborator of multiple grants resulting in the acquisition of funds and tools needed to provide value-added resources and programming to underserved students and families. This also consists of progressive management duties that included drafting, executing, and managing affiliation agreements and contracts, creating and revising promotional handouts and curriculum materials, along with researching and presenting idea-generating opportunities to develop strategic goals that contribute to organizational growth, wellness, and program sustainability

Over the course of the next few months follow her journey as we work together on the perfect fit! Interested in learning more about executive coaching, job placement and other workforce innovation services? Call Mary ZumBrunnen at (810) 553-7389.