Soft Launching Clear Mind – MISEA Coffee’s Inaugural Blend

O-CC Food and MISEA logos

This spring we’re launching a new addition to the One-Community Family: One-Community Food! Within this there are some tasty local and international food products coming your way grown and made using only sustainable and fair practices. First out of the gate, MISEA! Learn more about our inaugural blend from Vietnam over at and our commitment to sustainable development. Stay tuned this summer and fall as we unveil the other arm to O-CF and support of local, Michigan, value chains.

  • Do you like coffee? (check!)
  • Do you like to travel? (check!)
  • Do you like self-discovery? (check!)

Pick up a bag of what we know as as some of the finest specialty coffee in the world. New offerings will be made this fall and in following years to come. You can also travel with Mary sharing in the opportunity to learn about your inner landscape through mindfulness and meditation.