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Transcendent Partnership by Mary Zumbrunnen

Create, Lead and Manage Community Partnership for Collective Impact

In a world where nonprofits and their employees frequently are asked to do more with less, collaboration and partnership building is necessary. While we may agree on the end goal and steps to get there, what actually happens in the middle between our partners can leave everyone pointing fingers. However, it is possible to build community development momentum even among competing agendas.

“Transcendence” occurs when we move from disgruntled worker to problem solver, from disenfranchised or subordinated citizen/employee to empowered. The purpose of this book is to help provide the reader with tools to do so. But it doesn’t stop there. Within, the reader will move from burned out do-gooder staff to understanding their own overwhelmedness as a symptom of larger and solvable root causation – whether personal, institutional or cultural. Moving past stagnancy, they must embrace change and learn from other sectors realizing “it takes a village”. Then in partnership, the reader transcends their own limitations and lifts the community achieving real collective impact.

Using business supply chain, marketing, communication, psychology and more, the reader will apply strategies that transcend their sectors, roles and positions within the collective community for personal, professional and partnership improvement. Embodying empowerment, the reader must move through each state to understand what transcendence really means for them. Equipped with these tools a change occurs and the spirit of their service may shine.

A few hacks for your toolbox along the way, you will learn how to:

  • Align your partners’ work plans and progress to leverage more community resources
  • Not let partner inertia drag you down and stall the project
  • More effectively advocate for resources by clearly telling your story
  • Utilize transparency to harness support organizations
  • Grow your stakeholders and align their interest
  • Create a launch point for future collaborative community development success

Are budget cuts, local politics and personalities getting in the way of your nonprofit’s programming? This book is for you! Maximize your partnerships and reduce stress by clearly mapping, aligning and troubleshooting your collective impact. Then open the door on your own cage and realize it’s you that you’ve been waiting for – transcend the system.

With over 15 years of nonprofit and business experience, author Mary E. ZumBrunnen bridges community development divides by applying public and private sector strategies to effectively create, lead and manage partnership as the foundation for collective impact.